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Welcome to Michael's blog. Michael Andrew, (aka Michael The Maven) is a freelance producer, photography instructor, tech innovator, and when needed, disaster aid specialist.

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10.20.16         featured photographers  

The Work of Visual Artist/Photographer Erik Johansson

This is actually an ad for Volvo but it's so beautifully done and gives insight into one of the best photographers working today.

Erik is known for his meticulous photo manipulations that blend reality with surrealism. Sometimes his final images are made from hundreds of images. The way he approaches his work very interesting. Concepts and vision come first. Then he sets out to make those concepts a reality.

I highly recommend you check out his portfolio HERE for some major inspiration or to just spend an hour looking at beautiful images.

For those interested, here's a list of the gear Erik currently uses (from his website):

"A short summary of the tools I use the most to create my photos":

Camera: Hasselblad H6D-50c
Lenses: Hasselblad 24mm, 35-90mm, 50mm, 120mm
Light: Elinchrom RX, Canon Speedlites, "the sun"
Monitor: Eizo Coloredge CG318-4k
Computer: Home-built PC, Windows 10
Softwares: Adobe Photoshop CC & Adobe Lightroom

10.19.16         tutorial & training videos  

35mm Motion Picture vs 35mm Still Photography - What are differences?

What is the historic difference in sizes between 35mm for stills vs 35mm for motion picture, sometimes both are referred to correctly as "Full Frame"?: Click here to learn more about film sizes.

I also often hear criticism of APS-C cameras & certain crop factors being "deal breakers" as video cameras (this is almost exclusively coming from my photography friends btw), and I hope this video clears up what Super 35mm is, and that yes it is normal to shoot high end motion picture with a 1.5x crop sensor. (My cinematography friends will think this is funny for me to make this video).

In fact, there are only a few dedicated video cameras that have very large sensors:

Click here for a list of video cameras with very large sensors.

This is part one of a series of videos I have coming that defines some of the misperceptions and tools of DSLR and mirrorless video cameras as they apply to cinematography type work. It is my hope that it better defines the correct terms and reduces some of the confusion.

For my full line of camera crash course training tutorials and speciality courses check out my online store by clicking HERE.

10.17.16         video  

Filmmaker Creates Crazy 1000W LED Light for his Drone

If you check out his Instagram of follow his YouTube channel you'll discover that filmmaker Daniel Riley has a passion for outside-the-box thinking and creating innovative gadgets.

In the video below Daniel explains how he built and attached the 1000w LED light strip to his Freefly Alta drone. He only gets ten minutes of use out of each flight but man the footage he gets is really cool. It's hard light so it's dramatic and moody. It gives a really unique effect that's extremely cinematic and engaging. Check it out below.

10.16.16         video  

Cool DIY Project by Renowned DP Shane Hurlbut

Shane Hurlbut has worked as cinematographer on some of Hollywood's biggest hits (Terminator Salvation and AMC's popular and highly rated Into the Badlands). You may also remember Christian Bale's vicious tirade against an unknown production crew member - it was Mr. Hurlbut. :( You might wonder who would tolerate such a horrible verbal assault and keep cool, calm, and collected. After watching this video of a really cool DIY project for how to create "fire light", you'll see that Shane Hurlbut is a highly intelligent and thoughtful guy.

Check it out below and I hope it gets your creative juices flowing.

10.15.16         tutorial & training videos  

Fuji XT2 Tutorial Training Video Part 1 | External Buttons | XT-2

This video goes over Fuji's new XT-2 External Buttons

It is just one of the many lessons that are covered on Michael's new Fuji XT2 Crash Course which is now available!

Click Here to purchase the Fuji XT-2 Crash Course Training Tutorial

10.15.16         tutorial & training videos  

Fuji XT-2 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Now Available!

UPDATE: The Fuji-XT2 Course is now available: CLICK HERE for the FUJI XT2 Training Course

It is a fascinating camera that uses a sensor unlike any other camera company, resulting in sharper images. The image quality and build is really impressive, what a fun camera. XT2's are very hard to find these days so if you are in the market for one and have a chance, buy is as fast as you can, otherwise you might be waiting for 1-2 months. We are not sure if we will do DVDs but if the demand is there we can make it happen.

Here is the cover of the tutorial crash course:
If you would like to be notified as it becomes available, please leave your name and email below and we will let you know as soon as it is ready! Thank you for your support!

Click here to purchase the Fuji XT2 Crash Course Training Tutorial

10.15.16         movie reviews  

The Accountant Review

The Accountant was a very well done and excellent movie. I highly recommend seeing it in theaters. It seems to have the right balance of everything including storyline, character flaw / development, action, empathy, romance, etc. Very highly recommend this movie.

10.14.16         website reviews  

Free Website Helps You Generate Useful Hashtags

When it comes to new views and followers on social media good hashtags are critical. Getting a strong following can mean huge financial gains for your business. Sometimes coming up with hashtags that are accurate as well as unique enough to get views can be difficult - now there's a free website for that.

Display Purposes was created by a photographer (Fay Montage - who happens to have a beautiful Instagram you should check out HERE) so you can rest assured it is very relevant to your photography business. Type in a few words relevant to your image and it'll generate 30 related tags that are displayed based on important factors such as where you live, etc.

There are several other useful tools on the site to be sure you get the best tags for your work. CHECK OUT THE SITE HERE

10.13.16         tutorial & training videos  

Top 5 Canon 5D IV Video Features No One is Talking About | 5D4 Review Tutorial

Is the Canon 5D IV as bad for video as much as everyone says?

Cameras are tools, it's important to choose the right one for the job, and for high end 4K video, the Canon 5D4 has advantages to consider.

I wanted to tackle this head on and point out that the Canon 5D4 has several legitimate video strengths, many of which are not found in most DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, including some tests and samples. I also point out what I think its true weaknesses are. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to Purchase the Canon 5D IV Crash Course Tutorial Training

10.13.16         contests  

Macro WINNERS - 2016 Michael Andrew Photography Contest

We want to thank everyone who participated and congratulate all of the winners!

1st Place- Curious Caterpillar, David Woods - $300 Gift Card to Michael The Maven's Online Store
2nd Place- Delicate Bubble, David Woods - Think Tank Camera Bag, Most will Receive Suburban Disguise 30, Landscape and Animals Division will Receive: UltraLight Sprint 16L backpack (from MindShift Gear)
3rd Place- Vibrant Spider, Siddhant Sahu - (The Incredible) Cheetah Stand C8 (Seriously THE BEST light stands in Michael’s Opinion)
4th Place- Perfect Reflection, Mark Glancy - Paintballer Pro V2.0 (4 years in the making, never before released)
5th Place- Bumblebee, Naba Raj - Michael's Business Crash Course
6th Place- Elegant Petals, Terri Jackson - Michael's Lighting Crash Course
7th Place- Red Bloom, Gregg J Hunt - Maven Adapter or $65 Coupon to Michael's Store
Honorable Mention- Big Green Eyes, Danny Joiner
Winners will be contacted via email with further details and their certificate of achievement.

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