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10.22.14     photography  

Great Product Photography Tutorial

Fstoppers produced this video with a behind-the-scenes look at how to shoot a beer bottle. While they used a bottle, the setup and information can be applied to many different small products. Check out the video below.

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10.21.14     book reviews  

Interactive Book Of 1,000 Modeling Poses

Commercial photographer Stephen Sebring and supermodel Coco Rocha collaborated to bring us a very ambitious project. Using a 360 degree rig they captured over 1,000 poses from 100 different angles and delivered a massively awesome book. It's over 200 pages and showcases what I'm assuming is every pose imaginable. With the book comes an app that allows the readers to dive further into the interactive aspect of this publication. I can imagine that this book would not only be valuable to photographers but models alike.


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10.19.14     featured photographers  

Photographer Nicholas Nixon & The Brown Sisters

Photographer Nicholas Nixon tells the story of how he ended up photographing 4 sisters every year since 1975.

Nicholas Nixon--The Brown Sisters from Fraenkel Gallery on Vimeo.


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10.18.14     tutorial & training videos  

Nikon D750 Focusing Systems Tutorial Training Video

Just wrapped up my Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video Crash Course - This first lesson is an introduction to the improved optical focusing systems. My main goals as an instructor is to get the most critical information across to my students and get them shooting in no time. If you are a new Nikon D750 I hope you find this helpful!


CLICK HERE for Michael's Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video Crash Course

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10.18.14     photography  

Nikon D750 Training Tutorial Video Now Available!

Great News Everyone! Tonight we finished and posted our UPDATE - Our Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video Download is now available for sale. You can order it by Clicking Here --> Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video Crash Course - Download Only on our store, it is available now for immediate purchase and download anywhere in the world.

I've been shooting with the Nikon D750 for many weeks now and I have to say, I am very, very impressed with it.

This is a special camera, by far the best full frame Nikon camera for a number of reasons:

- Improved focusing systems
- Improved low light focusing
- Improved ISO performance
- Nikon Fixed the Live View / Aperture control bug we saw in previous models, you can now both change your aperture as well as see it in live view at the same time. Yay!!
- Improved HDR performance (it is very fast)
- New Processor which seems to solve some of the major moire issues I saw in earlier models with an anti-aliasing filter (which it does have)
- Tilty screen (very nice for a full frame)
- Wifi
- Built in Flash

All that said, it is as complex and difficult to learn as ever. The menu systems are completely loaded and some of the controls are a little counter intuitive. Once you know how to use it, it will be a complete pleasure to shoot. This is my favorite Nikon camera to date.

Ill have some little tests coming soon, but suffice it to say it compares extremely well to the Canon 5Diii , which while is an older camera (over 3 years) it has been considered by many to be the best all round Full Frame DLSR for that time. The D750 really gives it a run for its money, and at a cost of $1100 less, it is without question in my mind a better value camera.

If you have a Nikon D750 and are frustrated in learning it, there is no better way than my Crash Course Training Tutorial video which you can purchase here: Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video Crash Course

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10.17.14     video  

Awesome Commercial for Glock G41 Tactical Pistol

The team from the Georgia-based production company Modest created a beautiful commercial for Glock and their G41 tactical .45 caliber pistol. The commercial plays like a gorgeous short film. Check it out below. Then check out how they did it below that in a behind the scenes look.


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10.16.14     photography  

Quick Photoshop Tutorial on the Convenience of the Patch Tool

Here's a quick 8 minute video that shows the ease and convenience of using the patch tool in Photoshop.


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10.15.14     photography  

Interactive Maps Help You Make the Most of Fall Photography

This super cool interactive map details peak leaf changes within the United States. This is a great resource if photographing the beauty of fall is something you love to do. It details foliage change by month. Make sure to check it out here.


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10.14.14     photography  

Paintballer Pro UPDATED for Creative Cloud & All Lightroom Users

My Paintballer Pro RAW / Lightroom Presets have been updated to for Adobe Creative Cloud and ALL Lightroom users.

If you'd like to achieve the same grungy-painted look that's featured in many of my most popular images Paintballer Pro is for you. With just a few clicks you can give your images a professional and interesting edge. Learn more and purchase HERE.

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10.13.14     photography  

Nikon Asia Releases Video Showing Complex Technology Behind Lenses


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