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11.27.14     tutorial & training videos  

Canon 7D Mark 2 Focusing Training Tutorial | Crash Course Update!

Here is one of the first lessons hot off my Canon 7D Mark ii Tutorial Training Video Crash Course DVD. Most of the lessons are 3-4 minutes, this one, which deals with a very complex focusing system (one of the best I have ever seen) in the Canon 7Dii .

My full tutorial training course on the should be available this saturday afternoon to evening. The DVD should be ready 2-3 weeks after that. Enjoy!

If you wish for us to contact you once our course is available and haven't already done so, just leave your name and email in the comments below. Thank you!

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11.25.14     photography  

Learn From 50 Best Photographers in the World! Free Download From Photowhoa!

Photowhoa is offering a collective of lessons and insights from some of the worlds best photographers.These collectives will cover everything from Portrait, Beauty, Landscape, Street and Los Angeles photography!

In these free downloadable collectives Photowhoa has handpicked ten amazing interviews from some of photography biggest names. Photographers like World Press Photo award winning Laura Pannack, celebrity photographer Anthony Neste, controversial celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, critically acclaimed mountain photographer Alexandre Buisse and many more. If you’d like a little inspiration and get the inside scoop on their best tips and tricks check out the links below.

1. Portrait Collective Vol 1:

It’s said that in a portrait, you’ll see the history of an entire life. That in the best ones, you’ll see secrets only a camera can reveal. If you know portraiture is what you’ve always been drawn to and know it’s something you want to continue perfecting, this ebook is for you

Download it here

2. The Landscape Collective: Vol. 1

In this ebook you'll find interviews with 10 unique photographers that will teach you how to go out and claim the world. You'll learn to how Jeremy Dyer creates his brooding landscapes. Derek Shapton will show you how beauty can be captured in the unlikeliest of places. Learn how to experiment with exposures and composition with Pep Ventosa. These are photographers have shared their powerful images with us and now they share how they did it, with you.

Download it here

3. The Street Collective: Vol. 1

This is energetic, gritty, in your face, and brutally honest. It's a genre of photography not for the faint of heart (or the unsure). These are images that look for that decisive moment in the chaos. Learn the grittiness of street photography from the masters!

Download it here

4. Beauty Collective: Vol. 1

If you want to photograph beautiful people, take this opportunity to learn from some of the best photographers in the field. Learn how to pose your models from legendary photographers and much, much more in this collective.

Download it here

5. The Los Angeles Collective: Vol.1

In this ebook, you’ll find ten adventurous and brilliant photographers talking about their work and how they get it done. You’ll learn how to combine landscape techniques with portraiture with Amanda Friedman. Learn how to find the best natural light with Tom M. Johnson. Learn how to create the Hollywood-size spectacle with Benjamin Von Wong. Download for free now by click the link below.

Download it here

5 Collectives 50 interviews – This amazing free resource can help anyone learn about the "do's" of Photography in various areas!

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11.23.14     photography  

Behind the Scenes with Dan Winters Shoot of Benedict Cumberbatch

Renowned photographer Dan Winters is well know for his distinct style and skilled lighting techniques. Benedict Cumberbatch is world famous for his BBC portrayal of one of the most highly adapted characters of all time; Sherlock Holmes. Check out Dan's shoot with Mr. Cumberbatch and get an inside look into Dan's skillful technique and extreme eye for detail for the latest cover of TIME Magazine.


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11.21.14     photography  

Lumera is the Cool New Product Trying to Get Funding

"Lumera is a new device for photography enthusiasts that connects to DSLR cameras (a new kind of swiss army knife). When people buy a camera, they usually buy a fixed set of features and if they want upgrades they have to buy a new camera. Lumera closes this gap introducing a device with upgradeable software that helps to keep cameras up to date and makes it smarter by connecting them with phones. Lumera adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a second contextual screen, navigation and one-click action buttons for sharing on-line, geotagging (optional built-in GPS), back-up on the go, a secondary USB port for external drives storage and a bunch of software utilities for a dumb DSLR camera."

Check out the promo below.

If you think the project sounds promising you can show your support by helping them out on Kickstarter.

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11.21.14     tutorial & training videos  

Canon 7D Mark ii Tutorial Training Video Update

As we are getting so many requests for information, I wanted to post and let you know that all the principle shooting and voice overs for our Canon 7Dii Tutorial Training Video was completed yesterday and we are now in the final post-processing editing stages.

Based on past experience, I would say we are looking at a download release in the next 4-5 days, I are aiming for Wednesday of next week. The focusing system lesson is much longer than it has ever been, simply because there is so much more to cover, and we also expect the video to be well over 4 hours of lessons, which is the max the DVDs will hold. We have figured out how to fit about 4.5 hours on our DVDs but that is the max.

Look for a release announcement to be posted sometime next week. Thank you for your patience and support!


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11.20.14     photography  

Sony Releases the a7II

Here's another quick video that provides a bit more detail about how the impressive image stabilization works.

Learn more here and check out a list of features and specs here.

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11.18.14     video  

Photographer Captures Video of Bear Extremely Up Close and Personal

Normally a close encounter with a large grizzly bear would be an altogether terrifying experience. For photographer Drew Hamilton is was as calm and peaceful as anything you could imagine. This gigantic bear quietly strolled up and took a little break near the river just feet from Hamilton. The bear seemingly lethargic and unimpressed with Hamilton's presence yawns a bit and moves on.

The video was taken at Alaska's McNeil River State Game Sanctuary. Apparently the bears are quite comfortable with humans around and makes for unparalleled photographic opportunities. The sanctuary gets thousands of applications for visits per year but only a select few actually get in. Check out the incredible video below.


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11.17.14     photography  

Infographic Shows Which Get Gear Gets Stolen Most and Where

Infographic done by Lenstag

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11.16.14     photography  

Combining Technologies for Awesome Photographic Projects

Photographer Dan Vojtěch used 3D scanning, 3D printing, and digital photography to create a unique and technologically advanced project. It features the wakeskater (if you don't know what wakeskatingis the video will explain) Zuzana Vráblová. Check it out below.

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11.15.14     photography  

Landmarks You Can't Photograph for Commercial Use

Found this article on DIY Photography outlining 10 popular landmarks that are off limits for commercial use photography.


Some of these are surprising. However, it's pretty important to know if you're a commercial of stock photographer. You can learn more by clicking here.

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