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04.25.15     tutorial & training videos  

Canon Rebel T6s / T6i Hands on Review | Canon 760D 750D Field & Test Tutorial

Was able to get my hands on one of the first Canon Rebel T6i (750D), which for the most part is basically identical to the Canon Rebel T6s aside from a control wheel and a few very minor features.

Long story short, I am LOVING this little camera, excellent optical and tracking focus (for face detection, not as well for non-facial features). Very good ISO performance, excellent buffer depth with JPEG images and most importantly, the image quality coming out of the camera is very, very good. Much better than what I am used to coming out of the T5i.

This is the first hands on review I have done in a couple years (5D3 was my last one), Ill get better at these. Our crash course training tutorial video for the T6s and T6i should be available for download in about 2-3 weeks, which can be found for purchase on:


More great videos coming soon!

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Purchase the Canon T6i Now!

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04.25.15     photography  

Canon T6i / T6i Dynamic Range Test vs Nikon D5500

Ive been taking the new Canon Rebel T6i through the paces and have already learned some very important details that I know many of you will be interested in. Last night I did a quick Dynamic Range test on the sensor. I was incredibly hopeful that perhaps the dynamic range had been significantly improved, as there has been mentions that perhaps Canon might partner up with Sony, whose sensors are astonishingly good in this aspect. Nikon has been using 24 MP sensors in their Crop bodies for years now, and when I heard that the new Rebels had 24 MPs, I was thinking maybe they had finally taken the leap.

Below are the critical parts of the test strips, which essentially show at what point the cameras are no longer able to resolve differences in dynamic range, each step number is worth a value of 1/3 stop, and while not really great for calculating total DR, it is very useful to compare between cameras.

It looks like we are seeing essentially more of the same from Canon, only at a higher MP. The Nikon D5500 is in another world when it comes to Dynamic Range.

All that said, I have been shooting with the T6i since it has arrived, and I will say I am very pleasantly surprised with it, most impressive have been the focusing systems, both optical and tracking for video, to me this is the cameras strong point. I will also say that the ISO performance is far beyond what I have been seeing in previous Rebels.

We have an Epic Shootout already underway between the Canon T6i and the Nikon D5500, which we expect to be ready sometime late next week.

More to come…

The Canon T6s and T6i Crash Course Training Tutorial COMING SOON!

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Purchase the Canon T6i Now!

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04.24.15     photography  

New Features in Lightroom CC by David Marx

A few days ago Adobe released improvements to Lightroom CC. In the video below commercial photographer David Marx shares his choice for 'The Top 5 New Features'.

The Top 5 New Features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (Lightroom 6) 720p from David Marx on Vimeo.

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04.22.15     tutorial & training videos  

Canon Rebel T6S / T6i ( 760D & 750D) Tutorial Training Video Cover

Im happy to say that we have the Canon Rebel T6i (750D) in our hands and expect the Canon Rebel T6s shortly. We have already begun production on our Crash Course Tutorial Training Video for them and it should be available for download in the next 2-3 weeks.

The Canon T6s, also known as the Canon 760D, is essentially the same camera with a few very minor differences, mainly being in a dedicated scroll wheel on the back, the ability to focus in continuous burst in live view and a handful of very small differences, I see these in terms of core functionality as basically the same cameras, and therefore we are releasing a single training course for both them.

In addition to the tutorial videos we are now producing, I anticipate that Ill have some free educational youtube videos on their performance, Im most particularly interested in how well the sensor has been improved, as the former 18MP sensor had been around for some time. Now at 24.2 MP, conspicuously similar to other Nikon sensor sizes, one has to ask if the dynamic range and ISO performance has been addressed and Ill be taking a peek under the hood later tonight with a series of few tests.

This is the cover we have decided on for now, things could change. Once the T6i and T6s Training Tutorial Video is available for purchase I will update this article.

Ill have more information coming very soon on these 2 cameras.

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04.22.15     photography  

Complete Fashion Retouch by Photographer Lance Nicoll

Photographer Lance Nicoll walks us through his entire post production workflow from a fashion editorial shoot. It's full of insights that any portrait photographer will find useful. Check it out below.

Make sure to stop by Fstoppers to read further details on Lance's process.


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04.21.15     photography  

'7 Funky Photography Tips' From the Team at Cooph

Here are seven super simple but super cool photography tricks you can try today.

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04.20.15     photography  

Should You Work for Free?

Whether you're just starting out or have a friend in need the temptation to work for free is always present. But is the time and effort that you'll put in worth the return? Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography shares his thoughts on working for free. What do you think? Is it worth it?


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04.19.15     apps!  

FINALLY! Snapseed 2.0 - Here's A Video Showcasing All the New Features

Snapseed is a favorite photo editing app for mobile photographers everywhere. The main complaint is that since acquiring the company Google has been very slow to produce an update. Well, the wait is finally over. Snapseed 2.0 has been released and is loaded with all kinds of useful new features.

In the video below photographer and Mark Ryan Sallee walks us through the new update and it's features.


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04.18.15     3d printing  

Tiko - $179 Unibody 3D Printer

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04.17.15     photography  

Photographer Nick Fancher Shows Us How to Shoot Studio Type Shots Anywhere

Photographer Nick Fancher takes us through how he shoots professional fashion portraits anywhere. Nick doesn't have a studio and usually doesn't use an assistant. If you don't either (and many of us don't) this video can show you how he works around challenges and what his process is. It's a 20 minute video but well worth the watch.


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