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01.03.12     contests  

Michael's 365 Project Club Contest!

Here is a great way to kick off your New Year: Do 365 Project!! This is an open invitation to anyone out there to get RIDICULOUSLY better with their photography.

Just as a Note and Reminder: This contest is open to EVERYONE, including outside the USA. You can start ANYTIME before Jan 30th! :)

If you are interested in joining my 365 Club Contest, here are the Rules:

1. Take a picture of yourself everyday. It can be with ANY kind of camera. (Be creative how you are "in" the picture. It can be a shadow, reflection, body part, footprint, anything that could technically constitute "you").
2. You must be in the picture.
3. You must push the shutter button, or a remote or timer.
4. Each image should be clearly and obviously different.
5. Post each image in my Michael's 365 Project Club Forum - CLICK HERE - You will need to sign up and we approve on an individual basis (it takes about 1-2 days). We do this to limit Spam and Bots.
6. If you miss a day or 2 it is ok, as long as you can catch up by the end of the weekend (Which I will consider to be Sunday Night). I don't want anyone quitting because they miss one or two days).
7. Remember, as busy as I am, I am playing with you guys. If I can find the time to do it, you can to!
8. This contest is to help and encourage you to grow and get better with your photography. I can promise you that if you stick it out, you will get really, REALLY good. Nothing will push you further and faster to learn your camera. We also want participants in the 365 club to help each other out.
9. Contest is open to ALL photographers of all ages. If you are under 18, you must have your parents permission. All they need to do is post with you the first time saying that you have their permission and they are aware of the forum, what/where it is, etc.
10. This is a family friendly effort. If you are mean, or post anything inappropriate, we will ban you from the forum.
11. You can quit anytime you like if you decide it isn't for you and no one will think negatively of you for it if you do.
12. Contest will end Jan 30 2013. You can start or enter any time before Jan 30 2012. If you haven't entered by then, the opportunity will close.

ALL Photographers who stick it out the whole year will get the following-

1. 16 GB Michael Andrew Leather or Bamboo Thumb drive

2. A $300 Gift certificate to my online store (Can be used towards , Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro Presets , Michael Andrew Lollipops Action Set! or any video, Apps excluded).

3. Arden Ward Photography will be donating her new Bridal and Portrait Posing Instructional Video- $100 Value, to ALL photographers who finish.

I have a few more photography friends who may be able to donate other awards and prizes, I will check with them and see what else we can line up.


1. I will also be giving cash awards of $200 each to my top 3 favorite collections.

2. A huge thank you to F Stoppers for donating one "Art of The Headshot Download Video to a winner of my choice. While there is a $300 price tag normally for this video, it is actually worth much more than that (I would say its more in the $1200-$1500 range minimum for the information taught). I will be posting a review of it soon:

Here is the fstoppers promo video:

A huge thank you to Crave My Photography owner Andrea Tate, who has donated 2 FULL online Mentoring Sessions (Worth $350 each). WOW!!

As well as a $100 Gift Certificate for Crave My Design, which is freaking awesome if you are looking for new look for your Marketing and Branding materials.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be the VERY BEST you can be and I look forward to seeing all of your great work!

I realize we have another contest underway, which means we will have to wrap the current contest up ASAP so we can get this next one started. Looking forward to having finalists up soon.

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